Cool Clicks: The Best and Worst Natural Disaster Movies

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We scour the interwebs for the coolest movie news and more so you don't have to ...

• The Top 5/Bottom 5 Natural Disaster Movies. Guess which list "2012" is on. []

• The Best and Worst Performances — by the Same Actors — in 2012. Apparently playing a drunk beats playing Lincoln's wife. [The Wrap]

• The 10 Best Muppet Christmas Moments. There actually over 100, but you know how it is with these Top 10 lists. [Vulture]

• Prepare ye for Park City madness by watching — and, dammit, learning from — the first episode of "Modern Imbecile's Idiot's Guide to Making Movies For Dummies." [Movieline]

• Behold the first look at Tom Hardy channeling Mel Gibson as 'Mad' Max Rockatansky in "Mad Max: Fury Road." [FilmDrunk]

• Tom Cruise's Best Action Films: A Retrospective. Yes, the awesome "Collateral" is included. [ScreenCrush]

• The world has watched 1.2 million years of pornography online since 2006. Is it too late to uncancel the apocalypse? [Death and Taxes]

• Kristen Wiig's "Imogen" is now called "Girl Most Likely." And it's most likely to hit theaters on July 19, 2013. [Deadline]

• Morning pop quiz! Can you name the Top 10 Christmas Day movie releases of all time (based on box office)? [Mental Floss]

• Ever wondered what a blowtorch to the head would actually do? An expert diagnoses the injuries of those wacky "Home Alone" burglars. [The Week]

• The 11 most random celebrity feuds in 2012. Things get ugly ... and confusing. [Hollywire]