'Turbo' Trailer Moves at a Snail's Pace

[caption id="attachment_159158" align="alignleft" width="300"] Dreamworks Animation[/caption]

Ryan Reynolds has kinda been having a tough time recently. Sure, "Safe House" did okay at the box office, but it didn't exactly reinvent the wheel. And his previous two films, "The Change-Up" and "Green Lantern," were both certified bombs. So what does he do to break that streak?

He goes and makes "Turbo," an animated movie where you can't even see his abs.

WTF, Ryan?

Of course, lots of stars have been very successful in the world of animation even while their live action careers have been tanking (see: Mike Meyers). So it only makes sense for Reynolds to branch out with an animated contingency plan, which may explain why in the new clip for "Turbo" he's traded in his Sexiest Man Alive credentials in order to become a slimy green snail who dreams of racing in the Indy 500.

Here's a look at the new, animated Reynolds, courtesy of Apple Trailers.