How We're Spending Our Christmas Break on Planet Fanboy

[caption id="attachment_157948" align="alignleft" width="300"]The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Warner Bros.[/caption]

Well, you made it. It's the end of the year and time for Winter Break. You have time off from school and it's time to kick back and spend some time YOUR way. (Now, if you are out of school and happen to have one of those rare things called a job, you are absolutely, positively supposed to take the entire week between Christmas and New Year's off. If your boss didn't tell you about that, it is because it is so obvious that he just assumes that you know. You should totally just not show up, it's no big deal, trust me.)

Annoyingly, "Django Unchained" won't be out yet, and chances are you already saw "The Hobbit." Your choices are either "The Guilt Trip," "This is 40" or "Jack Reacher." Or you can chug an entire bottle of raspberry-flavored cough syrup and see "Cirque du Soliel: Worlds Away." Considering this is a sort-of plot point to the sort-of prequel to "This is 40," "Knocked Up," it's clear that this is the way to go.

So after you've spaced yourself out on French Canadians defying gravity on deeply color-saturated sets, you'll need to interact with people outside of a darkened room. It's time to hit the comics shop. There are a lot of nicely packaged collections that come out at this time of year, just for slowpokes like you. This makes it a lot easier to kinda hide yourself in the corner and Byrne-steal  your way through all your heroes' new exploits without having to scope out a follow-up issue. Dan Slott's "The Amazing Spider-Man" is awesome right now, as is Brian K. Vaughan's "Saga" as is Jonathan Hickman's "The Manhattan Projects." There are some "Star Trek" comics you should be following as a run-up to "Star Trek Into Darkness" and Jeff Lemire's "Animal Man" is one of the most whacked-out things that came from DC's New 52 initiative.

After that (and some nourishment from two of the four food groups: cinnamon bun and jalapeno-pepperoni pretzel) there's a good chance you'll be back at your parents' house. And you can't spell Home Sweet Home without the letters V, H and S. (Oh, wait, I mean Home Vsweet Home.)

[caption id="attachment_158962" align="alignright" width="300"] Fox[/caption]

Plunging through old tapes is a blast, particularly if your progenitors' were never the type to pause through the commercials. As such, watching "The Sandlot" duped off of Superstation with ads for the Bump N' Go Action Robot and Magic Johnson's Double Jam basketball indoor hoops set truly add to the nostalgia factor (and may send you scurrying to see if you can book your return flight home a little sooner.)

If you have older siblings you can go deep into the crap they used to watch. Seriously, there's a whole generation of people out there having kids of their own who were raised on "The Cat From Outer Space." (Clearly, these are the ones who laid the groundwork for Internet memes.) A trip home isn't complete without seeing an intergalactic kitty with a glowing collar prance its way into hijinks with both Harry Morgan and McLean Stevenson (man, talk about a M*A*S*H-up.)

After this, snow angels, awkward hook-ups with old high school friends who never left home, lonely walks in the park contemplating your future, wondering why you never ever went to this park when you lived here, then absolutely eating your own body weight in those thin sugar cookies with the blue sprinkles that your aunt makes. These are the components of a holiday to remember.