'Pain & Gain' Trailer: Welcome to the Gun Show

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Michael Bay knows a thing or two about using guns in his movie, but chances are even he has never seen guns like the ones busting out of Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's shirtsleeves in the brand new trailer for "Pain & Gain."

Looks like these two are the only special effect Bay is going to need.

Not that there isn't some room for a couple well placed explosions, of course. After all, "Pain & Gain" tells the story of a group of muscle-headed body builders in the mid-'90s who decide to horn in on the criminals who control Miami's underworld. Which is all well and good right up until their plan actually works. And then the Bay really hits the fan.

But "Pain & Gain" isn't all about the action; as a cameo from Rebel Wilson in this new trailer shows, Bay and Wahlberg are actually out for a few laughs as well. Add in an excellent supporting cast that also includes Tony Shalhoub and Ed Harris and you have a Michael Bay movie that may actually not suck.

Don't believe us? Check it out, courtesy of YouTube.