Enjoy Everything Wrong With 'The Avengers' In 3 Minutes Or Less

If you've heard the Blu-ray audio commentary for "The Avengers," then you know that even Joss Whedon gleefully admits to committing more than a few cardinal sins of screenwriting, but apparently the nerdy filmmaker has a few more to atone for. Say a thousand Hail Mary's, Joss, you are not yet forgiven.

While Whedon is working on his Rosary, you can see all 64 of the horrible clichés and lapses of logic assembled into one super-reel of "Avengers" stupidity thanks to the fierce logicians at Cinema Sins, who somehow manage to top September's Honest Trailer.

In "Everything Wrong With 'The Avengers' In 3 Minutes Or Less" you will see Loki use the old "Lucy/Charlie Brown football prank" on Thor, Hawkeye's mind control undone with a knock on the noggin, and Iron Man falling towards Earth despite no Gravity in space.

Oh, and did we mention the utter lack of lapdances performed by Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow? That IS a sin! No wonder this is only the #3 highest-grossing movie of all-time, they truly dropped the ball.