Judd Apatow to Sit Down With MTV for 'Pioneers' Speaker Series

[From MTV.com] In any discussion about people who have had the largest impact on pop culture, Judd Apatow belongs at the forefront. For years, the producer, director and screenwriter has created entertainment for the "MTV generation."

Thus, MTV is proud to announce that Apatow is our next "MTV Pioneers" speaker. He will sit down with MTV News' Josh Horowitz on Wednesday (December 19) at 4 p.m. ET for a 60-minute discussion that will touch on many things: his new movie, "This Is 40," his success in Hollywood, how the "Apatow effect" has changed the way studios make and market R-rated comedies, and everything he's learned along the way. To take part in the chat, which streams live on MTV.com, tweet your questions to @MTVNews using the hashtag #askjudd.

Get more details at MTV.com.

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