Reese Witherspoon Hearts Naomi Watts in 'The Impossible'

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Actors pumping up other actors during awards season — is this becoming a thing now? Or is the cast of the true story tsunami drama "The Impossible" just that good?

Following Angelina Jolie's big speech in support of Ewan McGregor's work in the flick last month, Reese Witherspoon has now penned a public love letter to lead actress Naomi Watts to help strengthen her Oscar play (note that both Jolie and Witherspoon have won Academy Awards, while neither McGregor nor Watts have ... yet), even though they do not know each other well.

For Entertainment Weekly's new "Consider This" series, Witherspoon doted on Watts for being the absolute "life-breath" of the entire movie.

"Your brutal physical performance, the ferocity of your mothering spirit and the soul touching moments where you hold on to life with every part of your being were incredible," she wrote with supreme adulation. "Not since I saw Meryl Streep's performance in 'Sophie's Choice' have I been so moved by an actress's performance. It also reminded me of Sally Field's 'Norma Rae' as well. Such strength and absolute vulnerability in the same performance. A mother who is determined to teach her child what it means to be a good person even when facing her own mortality. You showed every side of Maria's story."

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As if the lapping of praise didn't make her intent here 100 percent obvious, Reese Witherspoon concluded her note with "If I have anything to do with it (and I will literally tap dance on Sunset Boulevard for you!), you will be holding every beautiful statue that exists by the end of February."

Watts was already a contender, so will this unsolicited endorsement by America's sweetheart give her the nudge she needs?