Gael Garcia Bernal Takes on a Dictator With an Ad Campaign in 'No' Trailer

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There are few things Hollywood loves more than a good political drama, except for a good political drama with a major star in the lead.

Enter Gael Garcia Bernal and the upcoming "No," a film about the 1988 referendum in Chile when the people were given the chance to remove dictator Augusto Pinochet from office, after 15 years of his oppressive dictatorship.

Based on a true story, Bernal plays Rene Saavedra, an ad executive charged with the task of creating a campaign that would convince the people of Chile that it was time for a new leader — so, you know, no pressure. From the first look at the new trailer, it seems Saavedra's job wasn't all that easy, as he had to convince the powers-that-be to think of this project in terms of advertising rather than as a revolution. If he does his job, the revolution part will follow; at least, that's the idea.

The film has already become something of a critic's darling overseas, as the director, Pablo Larrain, already snapped up the C.I.C.A.E. Award at Cannes and was voted as one of the top five foreign language films of 2012 by the National Board of Review. Now, however, it's ready to come stateside, and is slated for release on February 15. But don't wait until 2013 to get a glimpse at what's sure to be a buzzed-about film of the new year.

Check it out for yourself, courtesy of Yahoo, and see if you're inspired to start a revolution.