Hollywood's Holiday Gift To You: A Broken Heart

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Ah, the holidays. A time for giving, a time of merriment and laughter, as families come together to celebrate the important things in life by exchanging gifts, stories and hugs.

And also, apparently, a time to absolutely cry your eyes out at this brand new supercut, which features 50 of the most heartbreaking moments in cinematic history in one gigantic eight minute and 16 second long weepfest.

Merry Christmas, everyone. Have a broken heart.

Yes, before you watch this clip from the folks over at Vulture, you may want to stock up on tissues. Because if you've ever gotten a lump in your throat or something in your eye from watching movies, this one is going to be a really rough go, as it brings together just about every tear-squeezing moment in cinematic history for an extended crying session.

So check it out. And just excuse us for a minute, we have to go finish chopping these onions...