New 'Broken City' Trailer Amps Up The Wahlberg Factor

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You know what we all need in our lives? A little more Mark Wahlberg. Seriously, think about it: No matter what's going on in your world right now, is there any part of it that wouldn't be made better by adding more Wahlberg?

Luckily, the folks who put together the new trailer for the upcoming thriller 'Broken City" seem to agree, because this time around they've definitely amped up the Wahlberg factor.

Merry Christmas, America.

So what's Wahlberg up to this time around, other than being the biggest badass in Hollywood? Well, he's a private eye type who gets caught in a web of intrigue between a corrupt politician (Russell Crowe!) and said politician's scheming wife (Catherine Zeta-Jones!).

The result appears to be a tense and twisty revenge thriller with a dash of that famous Wahlberg humor (though no teddy bears actually appear in this film). "Broken City" opens in theaters on January 18. Check out the new trailer, courtesy of MTV — and add a little Wahlberg to your holidays: