Tim Burton Gets Even Creepier with New Killers Music Video

[caption id="attachment_158315" align="alignleft" width="220"]The Killers, "Here with Me" Vevo[/caption]

Some people go to therapy. Tim Burton makes a music video.

The "Frankenweenie" director seems to be working out some personal issues with the music video for The Killers' "Here With Me," the new single from the band's latest album, "Battle Born." Some of it's kind of cute. And some of it might make your skin crawl a little.

We agree with Shock Till You Drop that the whole thing has a "Love Object" (remember that movie?) and "Lars and the Real Girl" (we know you remember that one) kind of vibe with its tale of a young weirdo pining after some sort of inanimate object made to look like a woman (in this case, a sort of wax museum statue). But there's a little more going on here than just a twisted yet whimsical love story ...

Okay, is it just us, or has Burton made Craig Roberts ("Submarine") look very much like Johnny Depp (specifically from this year's "Dark Shadows") ... and made longtime collaborator Winona Ryder look like Lisa Marie, his longtime lover whom he dumped for his current squeeze, Helena Bonham Carter? He has, right?

Ah, why lie on a couch and talk to some shrink when you can just grab a film camera? If nothing else, we hope their collaboration on this and "Frankenweenie" means that Burton and Ryder will now be working with each other on a regular basis again, and young Roberts is certainly welcome in the filmmaker's bizarro world any time.

Now, Tim, how about something for Michael Keaton?

Oh, the song itself? Not the best Killers ditty, but whatever. Check out the video below.