Studio Heralds Barbra Streisand's Globe Nomination That ... Didn't Happen

[caption id="attachment_149978" align="alignleft" width="300"] Paramount[/caption]

She may still be a "Funny Girl," but Barbra Streisand's performance in the upcoming (middle-of-the) road comedy "The Guilt Trip" didn't nab her a much-anticipated Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Unfortunately, no one told that to an overly optimistic Paramount employee who posted a pre-prepared ad for the movie touting Barbra's nonexistent nod, which caused a stir and leaving the studio with enough egg on their face that you'd think they ordered a Denny's Grand Slam.

"Given Barbra's incredible performance in the film, there was certainly every hope in our mind that she would be duly recognized this morning," reads a Paramount statement (via Yahoo! Movies). "Like all studios, we create many advertising spots in advance of the key award nomination announcements so we are prepared in the event of a nomination. One such spot was inadvertently posted online and immediately taken down."

With a staggering 22 Golden Globe nominations to her name and 14 wins, it's not like Babs is feeling unloved or anything. The snub notwithstanding, we're sure the 70-year-old icon will find another role that will earn her the accolades she deserves… somehow… someday… somewhere…

Or just make another f**king "Fockers" movie.