The 10 Best Movie Tumblrs of 2012

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There are about a billion tumblrs out there, covering everything from hilarious cat pictures (there are quite a few of those, actually) to how to restore a first generation Ford Mustang to stunning facts about the sun. If you have an interest in a topic — any topic — chances are someone's blogging about it, for better or worse.

There are quite a few movie-related tumblrs out there, too, and finding the ones that are worth a damn — either for valuable info or just as a way to pass the time in the most amusing way possible — can be a daunting task. Here are the 10 from this year that definitely warrant regular return visits. And don't forget to check out our official Tumblr in the meantime!

10. What If Adele Was Mrs. Doubtfire?

What if? Just imagine if everyone's favorite nanny was housed in the same body as Adele, who has won more Grammys than any human could carry at once and can invoke tears with a single mournful note? Imagine Adele saying, "You wicked, wicked monkey!" Imagine Mrs. Doubtfire singing "Skyfall." The possibilities are endless.

9. Mean Girls of Panem

"Get in, loser. We're going to the Capitol." What would happen if The Plastics invaded Panem? Mean Girls of Panem mashes up the dangerous future world of Katniss Everdeen with the equally dangerous halls of North Shore High School in "Mean Girls." "Mean Girls" screenwriter Tina Fey probably wanted it this way.

8. hitRECordjoe

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was in no less than four feature films this year ("The Dark Knight Rises," "Premium Rush," "Looper" and "Lincoln"), and he was awesome in all of them. In fact, JGL is just awesome all around, and his own personal tumblr is one to watch as he prepares his directorial debut, "Don Jon's Addiction," co-starring fellow comic book hero Scarlett Johansson.

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7. Dancing Plague of 1518

Back in 1518, about 400 French people seemingly inexplicably danced for days without rest, which resulted in more than a few deaths, heart attacks, strokes and exhaustion. This bizarre little incident inspired the creation of Dancing Plague of 1518, which maps out some of the biggest dance scenes in movies. Put on your dancing shoes and catch your own dance plague.

6. The Claire Danes Cry Face Project

Claire Danes cries a lot. She's been crying for nearly 20 years, from her debut on "My So-Called Life" to her foul-mouthed, bipolar turn on "Homeland." In fact, have you seen the Claire Danes Crying Supercut? She could flood the Verona Beach with those tears.

5. Shadow Hunters: Look Better in Black

"Beautiful Creatures" looks to be wicked cool, but if any franchise has a chance at truly giving "The Hunger Games" a run for its money as "the next 'Twilight,'" it's probably "The Mortal Instruments." The first installment in the series, "City of Bones," will hit theaters next August, and our best source for scoops has been the author of the books herself, Cassandra Clare, via her own tumblr. She's one of her own biggest fans.

4. FILMography

The FILMography photographer has taken shots from various films and held that photo up against the actual location where it takes place, lining it up to the precise pillar, staircase, door frame, tree branch, etc. From there he takes a second photo that mixes both the make-believe magic of a movie scene with a real-life location. It's a lot more cinematic than most other photo albums!

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3. Jean Sleeping On People

It all began earlier this year at a luncheon for Oscar nominees, where someone took a snapshot of "The Artist" star Jean Dujardin catching some quick shuteye — and he just happened to be leaning on George Clooney's shoulder while he doing it. And, as this is the Internet, that's all it took to jumpstart the web phenom known as Jean Sleeping On People. He looks so peaceful ... a lot.

2. Fake Criterions

When you hear the words "Criterion Collection," you likely think of classic films like "Citizen Kane" and "Casablanca." You probably also think of really cool DVD cover art. Fake Criterions allows Photoshop wizards to indulge the Criterion cover style for films that are maybe ... not so classic. And some that should be. (Seriously, why hasn't Criterion picked up "Drive"?)

1. Awesome People Hanging Out Together

This tumblr will make you laugh, make you cry, make you nostalgic for the lost art of photography and, above all, make you wonder where the last 30 minutes went once you snap out of its spell. A loving homage to fame, friendship, the inevitable and inescapable passage of time and, in many cases, once-in-a-lifetime chance encounters, all caught on film. (And, just in case you couldn't tell, that's a young George Lucas and Steven Spielberg below just chillin'. You know how they do.)