Hobbits Play 'Hunger Games': Second Breakfast Isn't an Option

"The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" and "The Hunger Games" have more in common than may first meet the eye: themes of hunger (those hobbits and their second breakfasts!), adventure and, of course, grave danger.

And, let's face it, it wouldn't necessarily be a tragedy to combine the two franchises. At the very least, it would ease the burden on theater seats — the two-hour-plus run-times of both films must not be the kindest to those old spring-loaded chairs.

With that in mind, the clever editors at Flashback present the trailer for "The Hobbit Games": what would happen if The Shire was just another district in Panem. The hobbits are in it for the food, the elves could give Katniss a run for her money in an archery contest and Gandalf makes for a lovely Effie Trinket stand-in, wigs included.

Check out the trailer, embedded below and on YouTube. And, as always: May the odds be ever in your favor.