James McAvoy Shoots 'Em Up in 'Welcome to the Punch' Trailer

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There haven't exactly been loads of British action thrillers over the years, something made painfully funny with the "Michael Bay-meets-Agatha Christie" antics of "Hot Fuzz," but a new flick from a hot young director is hoping to hit hard.

It's called "Welcome to the Punch," and stars the Professor X with the most hair, James McAvoy (sorry, Sir Patrick Stewart) as a determined cop chasing down a retired criminal by using the man's recently hospitalized son as bait. The crook is played by perpetual bad guy Mark Strong, but in a twist hinted at midway through the trailer, the two enemies might just reluctantly join forces.

The film's female protagonist is played by Andrea Riseborough (Madonna's "W./E."), who's also seen in this week's "Oblivion" trailer, and seems to be cornering the market on playing snooty, uptight British women. David Morrissey of TV's "Walking Dead" and Matthew Vaughn whistleblower Jason Flemyng (of every British gangster movie) also get in on the stylish fun.

Writer/director Eran Creevy's microbudget debut "Shifty" earned him comparisons to Christopher Nolan, and if this sophomore effort packs a "Punch," it could be his ticket to big-budget Hollywood hotshot town. Do we smell the next Batman director???