'Hunger Games' Contributes to 2012's Most Ridiculous Baby Names

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Before "The Hunger Games" came along, the word Katniss was barely a thing. It wasn't even the common name for the real-life plant (Sagittaria) Suzanne Collins referred to when creating her archery-loving literary heroine. Now that District 12 has become a firmly rooted part of the cultural zeitgeist, though, it's what people are actually considering calling their children.

Yep, according to Nameberry's list of 2012's most ridiculous baby names, their search engines were most aglow this year with interest in Katniss.

Sure, Jennifer Lawrence killed it, so to speak, in the movie and the character itself has some admirable qualities (like rustling up some snare grub and making googly eyes at bread boy), but c'mon. Phonetically, it's an unfortunate name — it rhymes with cat piss and fatness — so the taunts'll be just too damn easy for cruel gradeschoolers. Not to mention, it'll have the kids scrambling to read the rather violent books at a much earlier age than they should, just to know what the heck their parents were thinking. It spells trouble all around, frankly.

Other names making the weirdness cut for this year were Blue (attaway Beyonce and Jay-Z), Hashtag (there are just no words for this), Kick and Zamzam.

All the sighs. On the bright side, those are all still better than Renesmee.