Original Poster vs. Blu-ray: Ben Stiller Presents... 'Heavyweights'?

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Ben Stiller may be able to throw his weight around in Hollywood now, but in 1995, he was just embarking on his Hollywood career.

The new cover art for the Dec. 11 Blu-ray re-release of the mid-90s classic kid comedy "Heavyweights," however, would lead you to believe otherwise.

Stiller played a bit part in the movie: Tony Perkins, the militaristic fitness instructor who runs the Camp Hope summer weight loss program the film's young (and hefty) stars attend. He doesn't even make the first page of the movie's credited stars on IMDb!

The new case art for "Heavyweights" might as well change the title to "Ben Stiller Presents... Heavyweights," for all that Stiller's mug is enlarged and prominently placed. The thumbs up is his endorsement! Thirty-year-old Ben Stiller wants to share this movie, released just three years after his (uncredited) star turn as "pie thrower" in "The Nutt House," with you, you lucky Blu-ray watcher!

Check out the 1995 and 2012 versions of the cover art below, while you think about the missed opportunities in before-they-were-famous promotion here. After all, Judd Apatow co-wrote this movie, and Kenan Thompson, Aaron Schwartz and Paul Feig all also appeared in it — and at higher billing than Stiller, no less.

Heavyweights Then and Now