Kevin Smith Retiring After 'Clerks III'

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When Kevin Smith announced last year that he was planning to retire from filmmaking after his next movie, "Hit Somebody," fans were disappointed. And when "Hit Somebody" was recently rejiggered from a movie into a television mini-series, fans were confused over what that meant for Smith.

Well, now Smith fans are about to experience another emotion: Elation, as Smith has announced that his final film will now instead be "Clerks III."

And to think, he wasn't even supposed to be here!

"Clerks," of course, is the film that launched Smith's career back in 1994, becoming an instant cult hit in the process. More than a decade later, in 2006, Smith returned with "Clerks II" to show how slackers Dante (Brian O'Halloran) and Randal (Jeff Anderson) were dealing with being thirtysomethings.

And now it looks like Smith will be capping his career and the story of Dante and Randal by showing the duo in their 40's. Assuming, that is, everyone else is back on board with that idea.

"The minute Jeff Anderson signs on," Smith announced via his Twitter account, "my last cinematic effort as writer/director will be CLERKS III."

No word yet on what's holding up a deal with Anderson, but here's hoping they can work something out. Because really, could there be any better way for Smith to end his movie career?

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