The 10 Best Movie Infographics of 2012

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They don't call it the "Information Superhighway" for nothing, you know.

Where would we be without Infographics? Sometimes you just can't grasp the general concept, fine details and/or basic facts of something unless you have a visual aid with pictures and charts and numbers and stuff. An Infographic is like a really cool PowerPoint presentation that someone else had to make and that you don't have to be in a conference room to look at.

We learned a lot in 2012, about Batman and "Twilight" and bootlegging and Nicolas Cage and all kinds of things. Below you'll find some of our favorite lessons.

10. Batman By the Numbers: The Dark Knight's Expenses

Holy Tax Write-Offs, Batman! It's a good thing Bruce Wayne is rich, 'cause he couldn't afford to be the Caped Crusader otherwise. All those "wonderful toys," as Jack Nicholson's Joker once called them, come with a formidable price tag.

Batman Expenses

9. 'Lawless' Moonshine Facts

Did you know that "Mountain Dew" used to refer to a very different kind of beverage entirely? It sounds better than "Popskull" and "Rotgut," anyway. Drink deep of the history of moonshine with this "Lawless" infographic, courtesy of the bootleggers at Crave Online.

Lawless Moonshine Facts

8. Best Picture Nominees Explained

Some of the Oscar noms for Best Picture this year had us scratching our heads, though it all became a bit more clear-ish after someone put together infographics to help explain these critics' darlings. These visual aids courtesy of Vulture proved as informative as they are inspired.

The Artist

7. The 'Life of Pi' Chart

Despite the desolate solitude that weaves through most of "Life of Pi," our stranded hero finds a surprising number of ways to spend his time. Check out the pie (Pi!) chart below for a breakdown of his seafaring activities.

Life of Pi Chart

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6. The Cost of Being the Ultimate 'Twilight' Fan

Well, thank gooness it's all over, because who knows what further damage the whole "Twilight" saga would've done to your wallet. Click on the image below to see what a true Twihard may have spent over the last few years and seriously consider whether your budget can handle another obsession.

The Cost of Being a Twihard

5. 'Looper' Infographic Explains It All

With all the different timelines and time travel and matters of life and death, "Looper" was enough to have anyone’s head spinning. We knew someone would be able to explain the plot in a visual way so simple, we’d feel almost foolish for not getting it the first time. Click on the image below to get the full-blown goings-on.

Looper Explained

4. Batman’s Crib: The Real World Value of Wayne Manor

The housing market may still be down, but Bruce Wayne's mansion would still be worth more than a pretty penny if it existed in the real world. Movoto Real Estate took an in-depth look at the value of Wayne Manor and determined that Batman's home would be worth an estimated $32,100,000. Click on the image below to see the entire floorplan.

Wayne Manor Infographic

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3. Crazy Nicolas Cage 101

It wouldn't be a Best of 2012 list without Nicolas Cage, would it? With a slew of wackadoo performances and an even loopier personal life, Academy Award-winner/ dinosaur bones owner Nicolas Cage's legacy as a world class eccentric is pretty secure ... but every once in a while you need to be reminded of just how awesomely loony he is. Thanks to MTV Clutch for putting the madness in at-a-glance perspective.

Nicolas Cage Infographic

2. An Infographic Guide to This Summer’s Movies

Oh yeah ... "Battleship." Well, as with any summer movie season, some films were more memorable than others, but earlier this spring they were all equal on our pop culture radar. Vulture broke down what might be in store with each one ... and it's somewhat eerie how spot-on accurate some of these predictions ended up being.


1. The Nymphographic: James Bond Does It Everywhere (and a Lot)

How many times has James Bond done the deed? Here's a scintillatingly sinful infographic which charts how many times 007 has conquered the beast with two backs over his 50-year film career. Oh, and add, what, three more for "Skyfall"? The image below is just a tease; click on it to see the complete conquest.

James Bond Nymphographic

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