December Movie Math: Breaking Down the New Releases

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December is prime time for movie releases: Awards voters will have the films fresh in their minds when they go to vote, kids are on break from school and all the adults home for the holidays need to go somewhereto escape their families.

Yes, this time of year is jam-packed with new movies. How is the discerning moviegoer to decide which new releases to hit the theater for, and which to wait for on DVD? Simple arithmetic, of course! We've broken down key December releases into simple equations to help you decide what to see, organized by release date.

Your mom always told you math class would be important someday — today is that day. Enjoy.

December 7

Aching for a historical drama with distinct notes of weirdness? Have we got a show for you!


What goes better with soccer than love and redemption? Riddle us that.


This documentary is so bananas and ready for primetime that we have a hard time wrapping our heads around the fact that it's, well, fact.

December 14

Miss your friends in Middle Earth? Keep missing them.


Hot on the heels of the billion other wedding-themed comedies released recently, this one is unique: Lizzy Caplan's ribcage gets a jawdropping amount of screentime.

December 19

USA! USA! Explosions! USA!


Wait, is this the one with Billy Crystal, or the one with Babs? Eh, same diff.


Sob. Save this one for a nice cry-in, and don't even both with mascara.


Now with stunning new accessories!

December 21

Was it a joke, casting Tom Cruise as someone named "Reacher"? Don't cry, Tom, we still know you can be an action hero.


It's familiar territory, minus a few familiar faces. (Plus lots of Paul Rudd on the toilet.)


Another weepfest, with the bonus of scaring probably everyone into recycling.


Burn, burn, burn like a roman candle, etc. (No, that's not a Katy Perry song.)

December 25

If you like belting voices and revolution with a side of epic historical drama, this one's all you.


The "D" is silent.


Please refer to "The Guilt Trip," above.

December 28

Will Hunting is all grown up and looking for oil.