'Pacific Rim' Sequel Already in the Works

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Hollywood knows a good thing when it sees it — even if it doesn't exist just yet. The powers-that-be in Tinseltown are so confident that the Idris Elba-starrer, "Pacific Rim," is going to be a summer blockbuster, they've already given a potential sequel the green light.

Yes, despite the fact that the sci-fi adventure doesn't hit theaters until next July, its sequel is already in the works.

According to Total Film, Guillermo del Toro has confirmed he's started kicking around ideas for what he might do with a possible sequel; however, he's also made it clear he wants do work on something else in between the two flicks if he does return to direct the next installment (which we think he will).

The director explained, "We certainly started tossing ideas for possibilities of a sequel and Travis Beacham [the screenwriter] and I are writing a proposal of ideas, but at the same time I know I don't want to do that next. I want to do something else; I want to do something in a different genre that's not so big."

As of yesterday, it sounds like that genre is going to be a throwback ghost story called "Crimson Peak," which del Toro described as a "classical but at the same time modern take on the ghost story." OK, fine, but then can he please get back to the movies about aliens attacking Earth and being fought off by giant robots piloted by humans? Because we're already excited for the "Pacific Rim" sequel too.