'Tis the Season For a Gingerbread AT-AT

Who needs a delicious house when you can have a delicious Imperial Walker?

The Empire's siege on the Rebel base on the icy planet of Hoth in "The Empire Strikes Back" would've made for a much more tasty endeavor if the AT-ATs (All Terrain Assault Transport) had been made of gingerbread rather than cold, hard steel. Just think about how that one that was undone by the Snowspeeder's cable line being wrapped around its legs would've burst into several million pieces of gingerbread as it collapsed onto the snow. Desert is served!

This piece of food art was originally on display last year at Orange County's Discovery Science Museum, and woe be to the person who took the first bite and ruined it. Although we would've most certainly volunteered for the task if no one else had stepped forward.

Hey, do you think the AT-ATs will make an appearance in "Star Wars: Episode VII"? Make a Christmas wish!

Gingerbread AT-AT

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