Sir Ian McKellen Predicts the Victor in Epic Magneto Vs. Gandalf Battle

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Sir Ian McKellen gets all the magical and mutanty powers.

Not one but two of his long-dormant characters have now risen from the graveyard of concluded series to restore his place as the reigning king of all Franchiseland. "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" reintroduces the supreme wizard Gandalf, and thanks to the coming "X-Men: Days of Future Past" McKellen'll manipulate some metal at least one more time as the ubiquitous Magneto. Both of the otherworldly gents have nothing short of extraordinary skills, but for McKellen, the choice of who'd trump whom on the battle field is much easier to decide than we ever expected.

Yep, McKellen hit last night's episode of "The Colbert Report" and laid his quick bet on the winner of a Gandalf-Magneto bout for the ages in the video below.

"You know Gandalf is more powerful than Magneto ... the old guy will do it every time," McKellen boldly declared. "He's seven thousand years old. He knows it all." Given the minimal alloys and metallic compounds available in Middle Earth, he might just be right about who'd have the edge.

By the way, we know he was kidding, but we'd totally book tickets in advance for that "Gandalf the Gay" spin-off he teased about. Seriously, New Line Cinemas, get on that pronto.

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