The 10 Best Movie Mashups of 2012

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Across the many long, winding roads that make up the information superhighway (a term that '90s-era pioneers often used to describe "the Internet"), one of the most respected of skills is the ability to make a decent mashup.

Really, where would we be if we weren't able to distract ourselves from the tedium of our workdays with little three-minute videos that incorporate footage from different sources to create one cohesive piece of satirical entertainment? No damn where, that's where.

So, let us give thanks for the art of the supercut with this list of the Best Mashups of 2012, which feature the likes of Nicolas Cage, Bruce Willis, Seth Rogen, Brad Pitt and all those bad '70s Marvel TV shows. Below you'll find a total of about a half an hour of your life that you'll never get back — and that's a good thing.

(WARNING: Some scattered NSFW elements herein!)

10. Classic Movies: Now with More Nic Cage

Is the fact that Nicolas Cage makes, like, half a dozen movies every year (okay, he has slowed down some in recent years, but still) not enough for you? Then have we got the mashup for you. You don't know true cinematic greatness until you've seen "Office Space" mixed with "Vampire's Kiss."


9. We Need to Talk About Kevin McAllister

"We Need to Talk About Kevin" was that art film drama about the psycho kid that no one saw and if you did you probably didn't remember it until just now. "Home Alone" was a bajillion-dollar box office hit that managed to become a holiday movie classic with its Looney Tunes violence and adorable pint-sized lead actor. Put the two together and you've got ... well, this.


8. 'The Avengers' '78 Movie Trailer

Check out the trailer for "The Avengers" movie from the '70s! Wait, there wasn't an "Avengers" movie made in the '70s? Well, if there had been (and thank the God of Thunder there wasn't), it might've looked a little something like this.


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7. Mike Myers is Michael Myers in 'Halloween'

Trick or treat, baby, yeah! This one made the list if only because it's about damn time someone actually thought to do it.


6. Brad Pitt Eating

Movie characters may seem more glamorous than us regular folk, but they've gotta eat. And you know who eats a lot in movies? Brad Pitt. And unlike the rest of us, even in comic moments, he looks good doing it.


5. Are You CRAZY??

We knew the question "Are you crazy?" and its many variations ("Are you out of your mind?," "Are you nuts?" etc.) was a frequent (and often rhetorical) question that one character asks of another in cinema. But we didn't quite realize how frequent until this collection of madness.


4. Dalton the Dickhead

"Pain don't hurt." That's something a supervillain would say, isn't it? Here's "Road House" reimagined as the story of a kindly old town patriarch (Ben Gazzara) and his out-of-control, loose cannon son who has a PhD in Philosophy.


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3. All Eight 'Harry Potter' Movies: Just the Spells

You can't stop the magic! Here's a Riddikulus collection of all the spells from every single "Harry Potter" film -- every last Expecto, Expelliarmus, Expulso and hundreds more.


2. Bruce Willis Is Confused

Bruce Willis brings a great many things to his movies — a suave demeanor, some sweet moves, an excellent sense of humor and an incomparable look of utter befuddlement. No one looks confused quite like Willis.


1. 2012 Movie Trailer Mashup

Finding the time to watch every single movie that came out in 2012 is not easy. Between work, school and sleep, how can anybody manage to make the time to watch 182 movies, right? Sleepy Skunk condensed the year in cinema into one giant seven-minute super-trailer.

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