Poster: Quentin Tarantino's 'Jenga Unchained'

Jenga. If it had a "D" in its name, it would be silent.

The neat-o retro poster for "Django Unchained" had us reimagining Quentin Tarantino's upcoming "southern" as not so much a tale of a freed slave and his quest to find his long-lost wife but an homage to that sometimes maddening game of physical and mental skill, Jenga.

In case you've forgotten, Jenga (Swahili for "to build") involves building a tower made of 54 wooden blocks and then proceeding to remove those blocks one by one and putting them at the top. The goal is to keep the tower from collapsing for as many moves as possible. When the tower does fall apart, players cry out in despair and Leonardo DiCaprio laughs his evil laugh.

Check out the "Jenga Unchained" poster below, courtesy of master architect Old Red Jalopy. "Django Unchained" opens Dec. 25.

Jenga Unchained