The 20 Best #RejectedBondTitles on Twitter

[caption id="attachment_124922" align="alignleft" width="300"]Daniel Craig in "Skyfall" MGM[/caption]Adele's pipes saved "Skyfall" from joining the Bond series' cavalcade of horrendous titles, but some of them — cough, "Quantum of Solace," cough — could easily go down on any list of Hollywood's worst movie names ever. As far as we know, the 23 (and counting) movies' creators weren't trying to be ironic, so the titular humor was probably unintended.

Thanks to the evil wizardry that is the Twitterverse, though, we learned last night that it could've been worse... much worse.

Not only would Steven Spielberg never direct one of these #RejectedBondTitles, but even Daniel Craig would have to be extra eyebrow flexible to keep a straight face and pull it off. Here are our favorite 20 of the bunch.