Here's the Trailer for 'Osombie,' an Osama Bin Laden Zombie Movie, Natch

[caption id="attachment_156036" align="alignleft" width="220"] Arrowstorm Entertainment[/caption]

Okay, Kathryn Bigelow, we don't care how much government cooperation you had on "Zero Dark Thirty," 'cause you just got beaten to the punch big time.

On Dec. 11, Arrowstorm Entertainment will release "Osombie" directly to Blu-ray/DVD, and yes, it is about Osama Bin Laden returning from the grave and amassing a zombie army. Just in time for stocking stuffer season!

Seems that burial at sea didn't take, and it's up to a yoga instructor and her conspiracy theorist brother to finish the job that SEAL Team 6 started. If the first six-minutes of "Osombie" are any indication, this will be B-grade exploitation fare at its finest. The trailer itself promises plenty of bearded al-Qaeda walkers finding out what happens when America bites back. USA! USA!

Back in April this movie earned nearly $30-grand worth of backing off Kickstarter for post-production funds. Now that "Osombie" is in the bag, so to speak, we can focus on Kickstarting our own dream project: "Kim Jong-Eel," where the deceased North Korean dictator returns as a giant zebra moray bent on world destruction.