Hobbits Never Say Die in 'Goonies' Trailer Mash-up

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It may be that The Goonies 'R' Good Enough for Cyndi Lauper, but could we please have some Hobbits with that as well?

Seems a guy named Lance Ford wanted to take that unexpected Journey as well, and has mashed up the trailer for "The Hobbit" with some choice cuts from 1985's best kids booby trapped pirate treasure romp.

Of course there's an extra layer of humor given that Sean Astin, he who portrayed Samwise the Brave in Peter Jackson's original "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, also starred in "Goonies" back when he didn't need CGI trickery to appear tiny.

Casting pock-faced the ruggedly handsome Robert Davi as Gandalf is a little jarring, but it works, and you just know who appears in place of Gollum… "SLOTH… LOVES… PRECIOUS!!!"

Incidentally, did you know that Mark Hamill and Sean Astin appeared in a separate movies both called "Slipstream" shortly after their stints in "Star Wars" and "LOTR," respectively? Almost immediately after appearing in those movies both their careers fell into the toilet… coincidence? Note to Daniel Radcliffe: Don't make a movie called "Slipstream."