It's No Jedi Mind Trick: New 'Star Wars' Movies Might Be Spin-Offs, Not Sequels

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For the last week or so, the internets have been buzzing over the apparent choice of "Empire Strikes Back" writer Lawrence Kasdan and "Sherlock Holmes" writer Simon Kinberg to pen episodes eight and nine of the recently revived "Star Wars" franchise. And for good reason: It's pretty exciting news.

If it were true. Which, according to Movie Web, it kinda might not be.

Looks like those darn Jedi are up to their old mind tricks again.

That's not to say that Kasdan and Kinberg aren't hard at work on something or other for Disney and their recently acquired "Star Wars" division at Lucasfilm. But it turns out that reports of their scripts being specifically for "Episode VIII" and "Episode IX" may have been assumptions rather than facts. And you know what hapens when you assume in the "Star Wars" universe: You make an ass out of you and Jar Jar Binks.

So what exactly are Kasdan and Kinberg doing? Well, according to the new report, it's still possible they may be working on the sequels, which apparently "will continue the Skywalker storyline." But it's equally possible they may be working on spin-offs featuring other "Star Wars" characters, as Disney prepares to ramp up what is being termed an "Avengers"-style rollout, with stand-alone solo movies building into and setting up each sequel.

Just how this affects the rumors that Kinberg's "X-Men: First Class" collaborator Matthew Vaughn may be directing "Star Wars: Episode VII" remains to be seen, but one thing is sure: In the world of "Star Wars" rumors, never count your banthas before they're hatched.