'Freeloaders' Trailer Gives Hope to Anyone with a Camera

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Here's a story for y'all: Way back in January of 2009, the comedy troop known as Broken Lizard ("Super Troopers," "Beerfest") began filming "Freeloaders." But despite the cult status of their previous efforts, "Freeloaders" has been sitting on a shelf for nearly four years, gathering dust, leading fans to wonder why.

Well, the first trailer for "Freeloaders" has finally arrived and now we know exactly why nobody wanted to release this movie for the last four years.

Is it too late to put this back on the shelf?

That's not to say there aren't some theoretical reasons to watch "Freeloaders," of course. For instance, you may be studying the film oeuvre of Olivia Munn, which seems unlikely, but anything is apparently possible in this world. Or maybe you're the world's biggest fan of Nat Faxon, who since filming "Freeloaders" has gone on to headline the Fox sitcom "Ben and Kate." Or maybe... actually, that covers it.

There is at least one funny part in the trailer, which is the fact that the person the Broken Lizard gang is freeloading off of happens to randomly be Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz. And somehow, Jane Seymour and Dave Foley ended up in this thing as well, so there is that. But frankly, this is not how we were hoping our 2013 was going to go.

Take a look, courtesy of The Film Stage, who has also been kind enough to provide a first peek at the intensely photoshopped poster.