'The Baytown Outlaws' Trailer Is Under Arrest for Assault with Deadly Nonsense

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With awards season fast approaching and studios filling theaters with high brow think pieces, moving period films and expertly acted ensemble dramas, it can be a pretty tough time of year for those fans who just like really stupid films about ridiculous dudes shooting stuff up for no good reason.

But don't worry, you guys, we've got the new trailer for "The Baytown Outlaws" right here to change all that.

You're welcome.

Here's the pitch: Eva Longoria plays a lady trying to rescue her physically disabled son from Billy Bob Thornton, who is scheming to horn in on the kid's trust fund. But even those two noted actors can't stem the tide of brutally silly nonsense that ensues when she hires three redneck bounty hunting brothers — named, as one might expect, Brick, Lincoln and McQueen Oodie — to get her son back.

Add in a posse of sexy and deadly female assassins, some disinterested law enforcement types and a gang of thugs who tool around town in an armored Winnebago complete with a watch tower on the roof and you have, well, this mess. Just remember, if you're going to blame anyone for the next two minutes of your life, blame Yahoo! Movies.