'Red Dawn' Inspires a Slew of Patriotism, A.K.A. Racism

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With a tidy $22-million haul over the long Thanksgiving weekend, the "Red Dawn" remake inspired a lot of turkey-stuffed/tryptophan-drunk American citizens to salute that grand old flag of ours and prepare themselves to do what it takes to defend our great nation… namely, killing Asian people.

See, that last part was meant to be ironic, especially if you read our tirade about the producers' screwed-up decision to switch the villains' nationalities from Chinese to North Korean in post-production, but comedian Paul Scheer has posted a graphic of post-"Red Dawn" anti-Asian Twitter posts that never heard of irony.

Certified Twits like Joe Benning let their bigotry flag fly with comments like, "Red Dawn really mad me hate asians....especially North Koreans #sorrynotsorry" and follow-ups of "#FuckNorthKorea #USA." Many folks have been calling out G.I. Joe on his racism, and he's proudly standing by his statement (and '90s-style backwards hat in his photo), calling all these haters "sensitive f**ks."

Others like Wendy Gomez ("The only reason I'm going to see red dawn is cause there's sexy ass guys running around with guns killing Asians my type of movie☺!") and Eva Watson ("I now hate all Chinese, Japanese, Asian, Korean people. Thanks. #reddawn #amazingmoviedoe") have been smart enough to get the hell out of dodge and cancel their Twitter accounts after the graphic went viral.

What's really frightening about all this is that, like the makers of "Red Dawn" presupposed, some Americans find Asians interchangeable, and a film about a fake invasion that would never happen (without the movie's magic device that blacks out the whole country, that is) is enough to incite World War II-level hatred against all of Asia. It's a movie, people!

Incidentally, Paul Scheer is a hilarious dude who hosts a sweet podcast called "How Did This Get Made?" where he alternately celebrates/crucifies bad movies. Hopefully "Red Dawn" will appear on a future episode.