Noomi Rapace Brings 'Doom and Gloom' to Rolling Stones Video

[caption id="attachment_155437" align="alignleft" width="300"]Noomi Rapace in Rolling Stones' Doom and Gloom Vevo[/caption]

"What's it all about?" asks Mick Jagger in the new Rolling Stones single, "Doom and Gloom." Well, when it comes to the song's official music video ... well, we're not quite sure.

But hey, when the video features "Prometheus" star Noomi Rapace as an airline stewardess, zombie killer, fast food gorger and somewhat topless hitchhiker, who needs an explanation for just what in the hell is exactly going on? Just sit back and watch these old dudes try to prove that they've still got it with a little help from an international hottie in this bizarro NSFW indulgence.

The single is one of two new tracks on the latest Stones greatest hits package, "GRRR!" (??) It's catchy but disposable, though perhaps slightly more memorable than it would've been without a video featuring the original "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" strutting about even more shamelessly than Mick Jagger himself.

Start it up below, and thanks to StereoGum for the find.