'I Give It A Year,' You Give This Trailer a Thumbs Up

[caption id="attachment_155390" align="alignleft" width="300"] Working Title[/caption]What happens after a rom-com ends?

That's the premise behind the new trailer for "I Give it a Year," which begins with the usual romcom ending — Rafe Spall and Rose Byrne's characters get married — and dives into the not-so-happily-ever after they are left with.

They may be giving it a year, but they'll also be giving you a laugh.

So what does happen when the romance is gone from a rom-com? You're just left with pure, fantastic comedy, that's what. And fittingly, "I Give it a Year" has packed in some comic excellence in the supporting roles, with Anna Faris and "The Office"'s Stephan Merchant proving top level backup.

Check it out, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies UK. And don't worry; the characters may give it a year, but this one should be hitting movie theaters some time within the next few months.