'The Artist' Shocker: Uggie the Dog Is a MURDERER

[caption id="attachment_105414" align="alignleft" width="220"]Uggie the dog attends the 2012 Golden Globes Getty Images[/caption]

One of the most heartwarming stories and performances of the year was that of Uggie the dog in the Best Picture-winning silent film "The Artist." After stealing hearts across the globe, the Jack Russell terrier became so beloved that there was actually a grassroots campaign to get him a Best Supporting Actor nomination. He was just so darn cute.Which makes this latest news even more shocking: According to his own new autobiography, "Uggie: My Story," Uggie the dog actually began his career in the most heinous fashion possible: He murdered an innocent kitten.

Is there nothing true and pure in this world any longer?Of course, some questions linger. Such as: Dogs have autobiographies? But apparently they do, and as this collaboration with the presumably human Wendy Holden reveals, dogs also have a penchant for fighting cats, which is another head-scratching bombshell.

But there's fighting cats and then there's killing kittens, something even the most disturbed screen villain would never think of doing. So how could Uggie, who has become an international symbol of animal awesomeness, do such a deed? Courtesy of The Huffington Post, here is the account in his own words of how an encounter with a random cat led to such infamy.

We warn you, this is not for the faint of heart:

"Before I could bark my surprise, it was upon me, scratching and biting, hissing and clawing at my fur, my face, my eyes," Uggie's autobiography reads. "It sank its teeth into the soft folds of skin at my neck, causing me to let out a high-pitched yelp that surprised even me... I lunged at it in the darkness and clamped my jaws down hard on what I hoped was its throat. Tasting blood, I knew I'd hit my mark, so I shook what I held between my teeth with all my terrier rage, until finally it stopped moving... I sensed that they weren't pleased. Dropping my gift to the ground, I saw, to my amazement, that I hadn't slain the creature that had attacked me in her lair at all, but — most pitiably — one of her kittens."

Welcome to the end of innocence.