Disney Meets 'Star Wars' In Mashup Pics

These days, Americans have two national pastimes: Baseball and creating Disney/"Star Wars" mashups. Honestly, it's just too fun to stop doing even if we wanted to, which frankly we don't. We just can't get enough photoshopped pictures of Chewbacca replacing the yeti on the Matterhorn or the Seven Dwarfs being replaced by Ewoks or whatever. It's like a gift from the pop culture gods.

And as this latest batch of great new pics from MTV's Guy Code blog shows, Disney/"Stars Wars" mashups are the gift that keeps on giving.

"The Lion King" meets the Death Star? "The Mighty Ducks" with R2-D2? The most egregious use of Jar-Jar Binks since, well, the last "Star Wars" movie? Check out these cool mashups, courtesy of MTV (and get even more at Guy Code):