'Wayne's World 3' Script is Finished ... Yay?

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Ever since the epic disaster that was 2008's "The Love Guru," Mike Myers has been conspicuously absent from the big screen. He did a small cameo in "Inglorious Basterds," provided the voice of Shrek in "Shrek Forever" two years ago and then he disappeared into his man cave to draw up a new plan of attack to resuscitate his flagging career.

Well, now that exciting new plan has been revealed, as JoBlo is reporting that he has just completed the first draft for the script to... "Wayne's World 3."

Guess we're about to party on like it's 1992.

That's when the first "Wayne's World" became a surprise smash hit, of course, turning Myers into an instant A-list star. And just a year later, Myers and his former "Saturday Night Live" compadre Dana Carvey followed up their hit with the equally successful "Wayne's World 2." So that's cool and everything.

On the other hand, there are a lot of things people enjoyed in the '90s that are no longer real popular, like pogs, slap bracelets and connecting to bulletin board systems using your 900 baud modem. In fact, chances are many fans have no idea what that sentence even meant, which is probably the same reaction they will have to news that there is something called "Wayne's World" to begin with.

Still, to people pushing 40, this is welcome news. Whether or not younger audiences will find the humor in a two decade old joke, though, may determine if Mike Myers gets a second career wind — or just gets sent back into seclusion. Good luck, Wayne and Garth.

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