Benedict Cumberbatch and Imogen Poots Should Date: Let's Make CumberPoots a Thing

Does anybody remember laughter? Laughter, in conjunction with beautiful people holding hands and smiling on red carpets?

In a world where Brangelina, Bennifer, Bennifer 2 and TomKat (sorry, Suri, have a cupcake) have all been earnestly embraced by the media and public at large, we have but one whole-hearted plea: just let us have some fun again. There's nothing wrong with being obsessed with celebrity couples (we are, totally), but you know what else is totally allowed? Laughter.

On that note, please consider throwing your support behind CumberPoots. Or, for the uneducated, Benedict Cumberbatch and Imogen Poots.

Yes, their courtship may be unlikely — Poots, 23, has never worked with the 36-year-old Cumberbatch, and we're unsure whether they've even met — but they have so much working in their favor. They share a motherland — England! — and equally silly, oh-so-British names. The only things more British than Benedict Cumberbatch and Imogen Poots, we'd argue, are possibly Harry Potter and the Queen herself.

Imagine what a hilariously named power couple they would be: Poots, best known for roles in "28 Weeks Later," "Jane Eyre" and "Fright Night," is a rising movie star, gaining notoriety seemingly by the day. And it doesn't hurt that she's gorgeous — Poots was the face of Chloe's fragrance campaign. Cumberbatch isn't a slouch in the face department, either, as his thousands of Tumblr Cumbergroupies (Cumberbitches?) will attest. Well-known for playing the lead in the BBC's Sherlock Holmes reboot, and for his performances in "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" and "War Horse," Cumberbatch is next slated to appear as the villain in the highly anticipated sci-fi sequel "Star Trek: Into Darkness."

They each have rabid fan bases, which we're sure would support the pairing and come together to cackle gleefully with us while composing endless #cumberpoots tweets.

Just think:

• They would give us an excuse to use the word "snog" without looking like silly wannabes.

• They could recite Shakespeare together.

• Imagine the paparazzi snaps when they go to Wimbledon together!

• Maybe Will and Kate would be up for a double date?

• They could have a meta-winky cameo in the next James Bond movie.

• Their combined star power could launch a Harry Potter spin-off: "Hogwarts: The Golden Years."

• Their first date could be over a cup of tea and crumpets. Second date: Pimm's cup. Once things get cozier: Sunday mornings in, discussing "Downton Abbey." (With tea. Crumpets optional.)

And let's not lose track of the most important and awesome thing that would happen if Benedict Cumberbatch and Imogen Poots got together: CUMBERPOOTS.

Just remember: the sun never sets on the CumberPoots empire. To make extra-sure of that, sign our petition, a plea for CumberPoots.