'The Twilight Saga' Finale: 10 Lingering Questions

[caption id="attachment_154757" align="alignleft" width="300"]Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" Summit[/caption]

Well, it's official. The "Twilight" era is over.

We hope you feel satisfied by its conclusion. For the most part, we did, too. But, while "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2" may have seemed liked it wrapped up the trials and travails of Bella, Edward and Jacob in a nice, pretty, music montage of a bow, we'd beg to differ.

Before we allow those sparkle vamps to officially ride off into the sunset, we have a few important lingering questions.

Perhaps you'll have the answers we seek, or maybe you have more questions to add. Please be sure to pop them in the comments section or give us a holler on Twitter.

1. First and foremost, when does Jacob start having sexual relations with Renesmee? When she turns 18, or just looks 18? Our heads start spinning (and our stomachs start churning) when we start to think about this one.

2. Despite her accelerated physical maturation, nothing is said of Renesmee's intellectual maturation. Did she really learn to walk and talk and play the piano in a matter of days? This is starting to get really far-fetched.

[caption id="attachment_134193" align="alignright" width="300"] Summit[/caption]

3. Why do all the vampires wear so many layers? We know it's winter and all, but vampires are unaffected by the temperature. They're all wearing coats and big, cozy sweaters – the Denalis are even in fur. Sure, we get that the vampires need to blend in with humans and it would be a giant red flag if Rosalie was walking around in a sundress in the snow, but still. It's difficult to fight in a coat.

4. Speaking of attire, we're assuming that Alice and Jasper ran from Brazil to Forks with the other half-breed and his aunt. Alice is the ultimate fashionista – why didn't she make them put some clothes on?

5. Did Dakota Fanning even have a line? We know she whispered "pain" at least once, but that's really the only time we can recall her opening her mouth. It seemed her eyeliner did all the talking in this one.

6. Can Mackenzie Foy fly IRL? We don't recall Renesmee being able to fly in the books, so maybe this was something they added after they discovered her hidden talent? Either way, Jacob may have some competition from those adorable "Chronicle" boys in the future.

7. How did Jasper get such a recent picture of Renesmee for her passport? When he and Alice left, Renesmee looked decidedly younger than she did when Bella met with J. Jenks, but the photo on the passport looked like present-day Renesmee.

8. The shelves in Bella and Edward's cottage are stuffed to the gills with books. More stacks of books appeared to cover every single surface. Does Edward have a secret hoarding problem?

9. What's up with Aro's crazy laugh? Oh, actually, Michael Sheen gave us the answer to that one.

10. Why wasn't there a choreographed dance sequence at the end? No, really. Why?

UPDATE: Our friends at Twilight Lexicon attempted to answer some these! Check it out.