Kellan Lutz Is Not-So-Secret Agent Hashtag

[caption id="attachment_154577" align="alignleft" width="300"]Agent Hashtag Funny or Die[/caption]

The Internet has many dangers, not the least of which is it could completely render the "secret" part of being a secret agent null and void.

Kellan Lutz attempts to channel Channing Tatum by trying his hand at comedy as Agent Hashtag, the world's deadliest covert operative whose dangerous addiction to social media kind of removes that whole "covert" part.

Agent Hashtag likes to post pics from his various secret missions on his blog, sign into dangerous locales on FourSquare and pick up beautiful Hashtag Girls by using Twitter terms as sexual metaphors. He eventually meets his match in a supervillain who hates the Internet because he invented Google Plus and no one liked it (hey, it's as good a reason for turning bad as any).

It's fun to see the "Twilight" hunk going for the laughs — and looking good in a tux. Check out the spy games below, courtesy of Funny or Die.