10-Year-Old Killed In 'Wreck-It Ralph' Theater Shooting

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A year marked with real-life violence at the movies continues with a mysterious shooting at a Mexico City theater that has claimed the life of a ten-year-old boy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the shooting took place on Nov. 2, when young Hendrick Cuacuas was attending a screening of "Wreck-It Ralph" with his father, Enrique Cuacuas, and sister.

The elder Cuacuas said that his son was sitting on his right side when about a half-hour into the screening he heard something fly past his ear, followed by the sound of a thud. He turned to his right and saw his son convulsing and bleeding from the head.

Cuacuas quickly realized that Hendrick had been shot. The boy was rushed to a hospital but died two days later.

The case remains open as police investigators search for an explanation for this bizarre tragic incident. An autopsy report revealed that Hendrick Cuacuas was shot from a distance of about four to six feet and that the bullet entered the front of his head ... though the coroner was quoted as saying that the shooter was not necessarily standing in front of the victim.

Even stranger is the fact that no one attending the screening claims to have heard any gunshots.

The Mexico City Cinepolis is closed as the investigation continues.