PETA Pissed at 'Twilight' Over 'Breaking Dawn' Party Wolves

[caption id="attachment_154317" align="alignleft" width="300"] Justine Wachsberger - @JWachsberger[/caption]

So much for PETA's long-time love affair with "Twilight."

The organization, which gave Catherine Hardwicke's first installment of the series its 2008 Libby Award for being the most animal-friendly movie of the year, has now declared war on Summit Entertainment for having three caged wolves featured as live entertainment during its "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" world premiere after party on Monday, Nov. 12.

In the left pic, two of the wolves play in the spotlight, as captured by "New Moon" actress Justine Wachsberger on Twitter.

A rep for PETA howled about the matter in a statement to The Wrap, saying "Didn't it dawn on the 'Twilight' event organizers that real wolves do not belong at a party with blaring music and flashing lights?"

It didn't help matters, according to spokesperson, that the company hired to provide the animals for said occasion was Hollywood Animals, which PETA avers is "a notorious exhibitor that has been cited for numerous violations of the Animal Welfare Act for repeatedly failing to provide the animals it exploits with basic veterinary care, proper shelter, food, and water."

Christian Camargo, who portrays one of the Alaskan vamps in the flick, shared this Twitter shot of one of the wolves in the spotlight.

Perhaps in order to avoid jeopardizing the advocacy relationships PETA has with "Twilight Saga" cast members Christian Serratos and Kellan Lutz - both of whom attended Monday's black carpet festivities - the rep concluded peaceably, "We hope the rest of the promotional events surrounding 'Breaking Dawn' celebrates the brilliant work of the cast and crew and shows enough respect for wildlife to leave animals out of it."

Well, if that's not a threat ... Any any rate, this isn't the first time real-life wolves have come into play with "Twilight" events across the globe; in 2010, Entertainment One had an actual wolf premiere for "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" on DVD in the U.K., and later that same year, a group of wolves on leashes took to the streets to escort the first precious batch of "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" DVDs to local London stores.

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