Amazing New Photo of Leatherface's Back Emerges

That's why they call him Leatherback.

Um, Leatherface.

No, but really: You'll only see the back of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" baddie Leatherface in the new production still released today. The murderer stands, back turned to the camera in his infamous tool shed torture chamber, surveying his array of chainsaws and other tools of home improvement/bodily disfigurement.

The set of his shoulders and the fine weave of his color-coordinated rust-hued trousers and shirt scream menace. His unkempt (and also rust-colored, it's worth noting) hair sighs murder. The sight of that behind gives you the shivers. After all, as the tagline says, "Evil wears many backs."

Not quite.

We'll save the terror for when we get a glimpse of this psycho killer (played by Dan Yeager) doing more than just puttering around his shed. We half expect him to turn around, surprised, in this picture. "Who, me?"

Witness those terrifying shoulders and that creepy cowlick yourself in blood-curdling clarity on January 4, 2013, when "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D" opens in theaters across the country.