Chris Hemsworth Is a Kid in a 'Candy Store'

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Chris Hemsworth has developed a sweet tooth ... for fighting crime!

The once and future "Thor" has signed on to play a boy in blue in the crime thriller, "Candy Store," according to The Wrap.

"Candy Store" follows a deep-cover operative who loses everything and winds up as a burned-out Brooklyn cop ... only to discover that the global organization he was previously dedicated to fighting has set up shop in his new backyard.

The film, which has also attracted the likes of Brad Pitt and Christoph Waltz, is written and directed by Stephen Gaghan, who wrote the Oscar-winning screenplay for "Traffic" and whose last feature directorial effort was the political thriller, "Syriana."

We have to admit, we might need a little time in accepting Chris Hemsworth in regular joe kind of roles. To us, he's, well, the God of Thunder. And the Huntsman. Seeing him as a college kid who smashes his motorcycle against an invisible force field in "The Cabin in the Woods" made us feel kind of ... weird.

Hemsworth accepting the role in "Candy Store" comes hot on the heels of his declining the offer to co-star with Bruce Willis in "American Assassin." He's currently shooting "Thor: The Dark World" and will next be seen in the long-delayed "Red Dawn," opening Nov. 21.