Chris Kattan is 007 in 'To Have and To Gold'

[caption id="attachment_154172" align="alignleft" width="300"]To Have and To Gold Funny or Die[/caption]

"Is he dead?" "I don't know, my dear, but then again ... To Have and To Gold."

Funny or Die swoops in (better late than never) with their own take on James Bond Mania with this lost Bond film written, produced, directed by and starring a chap named Gil Edmundberry (Chris Kattan).

The main target here is the hit-or-miss Bond title sequences (the last bastion of the Indulgent Art Film), but what's most striking is how the pre-title sequence actually kind of captures the spirit of the '70s-era Bond films while simultaneously making fun of them. Hey, we might buy this as a real Bond film ... for, like, at least a second or two.

Chris Kattan has had quite an iconic year over at Funny or Die, having now played both 007 and a kinder, gentler version of Batman's nemesis Bane. We have a feeling a turn as Gandalf or Gollum might not be far behind.

And remember, James Bond Will Return in "Her Shepherd's Spy."