What Movie Are French People Urinating Over?

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You may want to bring a sanitary seat cover the next time you see a movie in France.

Rebellious audiences have acted out during showings of the new horror flick "Paranormal Activity 4," according to a statement French distributor Wild Bunch posted on its Facebook page, which Twitch then translated.

Angry theatergoers lashed out while watching the movie, with behavior including "confectionery counters looted, cashiers insulted, urinating on the seats, etc."

We can only wonder at what unspeakable acts that vague "etc." must signify.

The consequences reach farther than just upholstery cleaning and therapy for traumatized concessions stand cashiers: More than 40 French theaters pulled the upcoming "Sinister" from their schedules, fearing a repeat performance.

Wild Bunch, for their part, begged audiences to behave themselves.

"Showing genre films in France is not easy, so we ask that our future spectators please be respectful of the rules of courtesy."

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