Edward Cullen Clinches The Twi-Fight Saga Tourney Win

[From MTV News] Much as Bella Swan chose Edward Cullen to be her one and only, so too have Twilighters picked the immortal beloved as the #1 character from Stephenie Meyer's canon — defeating 63 other vampires, werewolves and humans in MTV News' Twi-Fight Saga.

And, ironically, it was his true love whom he bested in the Championship Round, with nearly 70 percent of the vote. To be fair, the three-week-long tournament, which netted more than 2 million votes from fanatical Twilighters, proffered few truly worthy contenders for the bloodsucker. He faced off against 16th-seeded Egyptian coven member Kebi in the opening round, advancing easily. He next defeated Volturi guard Alec, followed by nomad Peter. It shaped up to be a family feud in the Elite Eight, when Edward tangled with surrogate mom Esme, besting her easily before sideswiping Denali coven member Kate and moving forward to the Championship Round.

Read more about the Twi-Fight Saga Tournament at MTV.com.

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