U.S. Sailor Informs Son That Darth Vader Is His Father

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Now here's a Veteran's Day story that brings a tear to our nerdy eyes, mostly because it involves "Star Wars," a.k.a. the greatest wars ever. This home video of a birthday party involves a U.S. Navy sailor, his son, a lightsaber and a new hope.

Unlike the original "Star Wars" trilogy, knowing the backstory to this video is crucial (BURN on the prequels!). Apparently the footage was shot in May, a full seven months before this doting dad was scheduled to come home from his first deployment overseas, but he had a surprise in store.

"My son had stated that he wanted a 'Star Wars' party so he could be Luke and fight Darth Vader (whom he thought was going to be his older cousin)," said Susie W. "My husband came home for 96 hours to surprise our son at his birthday party... dressed as Darth Vader. The little Princess Leia in the video is our daughter, too!"

In the classic "Empire Strikes Back" moment when Vader reveals he's Luke's dad, he's greeted with screams of agony, but, in this case, the sailor was greeted by hugs. Maybe they should try for that angle in "Episode VII."