Working For 'SNL' Is Très 'Misérables'

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If you've ever seen "Les Misérables," or read the original novel from Victor Hugo for that matter, you know just how appropriate the title is. Pretty much everyone in the story is about is miserable as you can possibly get. But if you thought being a desperately poor victim of circumstance in post-Revolutionary France was bad, here's something that's even more soul-crushing: Being a cast member on "Saturday Night Live."

Just ask "Les Misérables" star Anne Hathaway.

Hathaway, of course, plays Fantine in the upcoming big screen adaptation of the beloved Broadway musical. Last night, though, she hosted "Saturday Night Live" — and as if on cue, the entire cast of "SNL" appeared and belted out a show tune about just how darn rough it is working on the show.

Of course, that's kind of a hard sell when you're singing to someone whose character had to auction off her own hair to make ends meet, but hey. Check it out, courtesy of NBC, and see why "SNL" might be the most misérables job in show business:

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