The Wait Is Over, Twihards: 'Barking Dawg - Paw 2' Is Here

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After all the team Edward vs. Team Jacob debates, after all the books and the movies and the waiting in line for midnight releases, there is still one question that every true, hardcore Twihard wants answered: What would "The Twilight Saga" be like if all the characters were played by dogs?

Well, now we finally know the answer and take it from us: When you're dealing with vampire dogs, their bite is definitely worse than their bark.

Yes, folks, it's the "Twilight" parody you've been waiting your whole life for, "Barking Dawg - Paw 2," which takes Bella and Edward and Jacob and re-imagines them all as pooches in a scene-for-scene send-up of the "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" trailer.

And perhaps the most amazing thing about this clip from YouTube's PetCollective? The series actually doesn't lose any of its drama at all when you replace the actors with dogs.

That's probably a testament to the power of the source material, of course. Check it out for yourself and see why this week, you're going to be on Team Pug: